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In one of our favorite outings to date,  we teamed up with Dwyer Productions and DP Cliff Traiman via our own DP Jimmy Dunn,  to create a "Saving Private Ryan" stlye romp of a film festival trailer.   The idea was roughly fleshed out by Dwyer Productions,  but Cliff and Jimmy were given creative freedom to bring it to life.   Let the fun begin !!!  We employed the same "skinny shutter" techniques used in the opening squence of Saving Private Ryan as well as Jimmy's extensive boat to boat shooting tricks to create an epic adventure feel to the body of the film which resolved into a maritime "drive in movie" ending.   We love a good payoff ending! Directed by Mark Dwyer and posted deftly by Ntropic in Marin County,  the clever edit and "Bleach ByPass" color palette reallly makes this bit of film work stand out.





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