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Fox Sports has relied on American Biograph Pictures for over ten years to shoot their feature productions.  Our very own Jimmy Dunn is known as "The Art DP" in their world of fast paced sports television.  When Fox calls,  its usually for a three camera interview with lights, sound, and crew.   However, there is a challenge.  We never know until a day or two before the shoot what team we will be shooting, or in what city !  


We produce the shoot entirely. We create the budget and handle all of the details from hiring  local crew to renting extra equipment.    Once on location, our DP and Field Producer decide on the "look" and direct all elements of the production to ultimately hand over stellar footage for Fox to edit into their broadcast.  We have had the joy of shooting these interviews for the Superbowl, playoff games, and specal moments in sports history. 

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